Staff Catering

Light and Fresh

There is an increasing focus on healthy eating in all sections of today’s society. Most people invest a lot of energy in eating well. But for those with long work days, it is often difficult to organize meals to result in healthy, balanced nutrition. Dussmann Service provides your organization with a staff catering concept that does just that.

Our concepts offer light, fresh cuisine that orients itself on the tastes and needs of your employees. The dishes on the meal plan are optimized in terms of calories and nutrient value and ingredients with a high nutrient density are used. When selecting produce, we maintain strict quality standards and purchase largely from local suppliers.

The requirements and the health of your staff take central stage. In order to strengthen nutritional awareness, we have developed a number of projects which communicate healthy eating.

And finally, we offer a great deal of flexibility. We check every detail with you and ensure that everything is adapted to the needs of your operations.

Sustainable Catering

Regional and Seasonal

On request, you can make your catering operations even more sustainable. For example serving foods in organic quality. Or installing energy-efficient kitchen equipment and converting food waste to energy.

Cook & Chill

More Flexibility

Food is cooked traditionally then shock-chilled, vacuum packed and maintained at a temperature of 3°C during distribution. No further ingredients are added when the product is regenerated on-site.