Internal Logistics

Flexible and Punctual

Warehouse management, goods receipt and distribution are essential activities for the smooth functioning of any company. These activities must be carried out in a timely, flexible and efficient way. We provide this service to public and private companies which, due to lack of space and high operating costs, choose to relocate their warehouse to the supplier or opt for individual logistics platforms.

Dussmann Service provides its clients with meticulous internal relocation services, freight loading and unloading, storage, collection and delivery of mail, documents and transport of parcels and packages in accordance with requirements. Using our vehicles we deliver goods to clients all over the country.

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An Overview of Our Services

  • Porterage
  • Loading and unloading
  • Storage, collection and delivery of mail, packages
  • External delivery
  • Sorting and  distribution of goods


Cost-Effective Concepts

By skillfully linking individual services and systems and by bundling process phases, we create the synergies which make our concepts so cost-effective.