Hygiene Cleaning

Individual and Reliable

We have developed a concept for hygiene cleaning – 360° Hygiene. This holistic approach offers hospitals and other medical facilities reliable hygiene. All of the factors which influence hygiene are taken into consideration in an integrated system.

In hospitals, cleanliness is not just a matter of aesthetics but of safeguarding health and life. The objective is to prevent infections, which demands a high level of competence and responsibility from the service provider. With Dussmann Service, you can rely upon many years of experience in hospital cleaning.

Our staff are highly qualified and are trained regularly in hospital hygiene, in specialized cleaning techniques and on use of equipment.

An overview of our services  

  • Hygienic maintenance cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Special waste disposal
  • Hygienic laundry
  • Patient bed preparation 

Surgical Sterilization

Meticulous and Innovative

Sterile procedural kits of generic and specialized surgical instruments are prepared using patented methods.

Laundry Services

Professional and Punctual

Laundry services include management, storage, issue and return of bed linen and work clothing.