Facility Management for Health Care

High Standards of Quality and Efficiency

Hospital operations have two consistent targets: to improve the quality of patient care and be more efficient.

With our facility management concepts for health care organizations, these objectives are not contradictory. Concepts take a modular form and are tailor-made to answer the specific requirements of the facility. When services are efficiently interlinked, high levels of cost-efficiency can be achieved. 

In cleaning operations, hygiene is the main focus. From the operating theater which is in constant use, to surgical sterilization and kitchen hygiene, we maintain the strictest standards.

Patient and staff catering is a further component of service packages. In addition to appetizing meals, we cater for special dietary requirements and can offer a selection of production systems.

Hygiene Cleaning

Individual and Reliable

Our concept for hygiene cleaning,360° Hygiene, offers hospitals, and food processing operations reliable hygiene.


For Hospitals

Our catering concept for hospitals has the interests of your patients in mind but  can also include catering for your employees: from the coffee bar to the staff restaurant