Facility Management for Military Institutions

Professional and punctual

Military institutions require punctual services deployed with professional expertise. Dussmann Service has years of experience serving Italian Military Forces and is familiar with all of their specific needs. We are able to support you in all of the processes that are secondary to your core business.

We provide healthy, varied meals using sustainable products and can help you in the organization of events with banqueting services.

Our services include cleaning services as well as the complete range of maintenance services and we would be happy to advise you on security for your site.

Dussmann Service staff is well-trained, experienced and supported by modern technology.


Individual Concepts

 The aim of all of our catering services is to ensure that people have access to delicious, healthy food - wherever they are. 

Technical Maintenance

Reliable Systems

We maintain high levels of availability and ensure compliance with legislation through computer-supported quality assurance and continous staff training.